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Local mass transfer vorrelations for nonaqueous phase liquid pool dissolution in saturated porous media

Chrysikopoulos Constantinos, Tae-Joo KIim

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Year 1999
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation C. V. Chrysikopoulos,T.J. Kim, "Local mass transfer correlations for nonaqueous phase liquid pool dissolution insSaturated porous media",Transp. in Por. Media.,vol. 38 ,no.1 ,pp.167–187, 2000.doi :10.1023/A:1006655908240
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Local mass transfer correlations are developed to describe the rate of interface mass transferof single component nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) pools in saturated subsurface formations.A three-dimensional solute transport model is employed to compute local mass transfer coefficientsfrom concentration gradients at the NAPL–water interface, assuming that the aqueous phase concentrationalong the NAPL–water interface is constant and equal to the solubility concentration.Furthermore, it is assumed that the porous medium is homogeneous, the interstitial fluid velocitysteady and the dissolved solute may undergo first-order decay or may sorb under local equilibriumconditions. Power-law expressions relating the local Sherwood number to appropriate local Pecletnumbers are developed for both rectangular and elliptic/circular source geometries. The proposedpower law correlations are fitted to numerically generated data and the correlation coefficients aredetermined using nonlinear least squares regression. The estimated correlation coefficients are foundto be direct functions of the interstitial fluid velocity, pool dimensions, and pool geometry.

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