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Poromechanical behaviour of faulted rocks

Exadaktylos Georgios, Liolios Pantelis

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Year 2003
Type of Item Conference Publication
Bibliographic Citation G. Exadaktylos and P. Liolios, "Poromechanical behaviour of faulted rocks," presented at EGS - AGU - EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, France, 2003.
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Complex variable representations for Dirichlet and Neumann boundary value problems of faulting in poroelastic geologic media that may be analytically or numerically solved in space domain (steady state), have been developed. The benefits of this complex variable formulation is first that stress equilibrium and compatibility relations are automatically satisfied, secondly we may use the results already developed in classical elasticity theory, thirdly we may effectively take into account singularities such as fault tips, and finally we reduce the considerably the computing time and memory. This semi analytical model will be used as a tool for back-analysis and understanding of the underlying basic mechanisms in (i) downhole hydraulic fracturing stress measurements (back-analysis of hydrofracturing results in order to evaluate the in situ stresses and stress variation with depth in regions exhibiting normal faulting), and (ii) for the study of interaction and activation of normal faults and pore pressure changes in faulted regions such as the Gulf of Corinth. Numerical results for the distribution of stresses and pore pressure around curved poroelastic faults will be presented.