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Investigation, development and experimental evaluation of thermal management techniques for photovoltaics with the aim to enhance their energy efficiency and ecological footprint

Savvakis Nikolaos

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Year 2021
Type of Item Doctoral Dissertation
Bibliographic Citation Νικόλαος Σαββάκης, "Διερεύνηση, ανάπτυξη και αξιολόγηση τεχνικών διαχείρισης της θερμοκρασίας με στόχο την αύξηση του βαθμού απόδοσης και τη βελτίωση του οικολογικού αποτυπώματος των φωτοβολταϊκών συστημάτων", Διδακτορική Διατριβή, Σχολή Χημικών Μηχανικών και Μηχανικών Περιβ
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Τhe PhD thesis is focused on the theoretical analysis, design, and experimental evaluation of the overall performance of PV+PCM systems during their operation by deepening insights into this passive approach under actual Mediterranean conditions. The prior step before the analysis was the development of a general methodology adopted for the PV+PCM system design and evaluation. This methodological approach is based on a reasonable modification of the energy balance model for typical PV modules. Following, an extensive and intensive experimental process under real field conditions took place in two distinct phases, and on different experimental set-ups, to clearly understand the operational aspects of the proposed method (e.g., seasonality, efficiency, reliability, etc.).The obtained results showed that the integration of PCM in PV modules could reduce its operating temperature and increase its energy efficiency, while at the same time upgrading its overall environmental footprint.

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