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Augmented reality for CAD-CAM training featuring 3D interactive geometric transformations

Marinakis Angelos, Mania Aikaterini, Antoniadis Aristomenis

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Extent10 pagesen
TitleAugmented reality for CAD-CAM training featuring 3D interactive geometric transformationsen
CreatorMarinakis Angelosen
CreatorΜαρινακης Αγγελοςel
CreatorMania Aikaterinien
CreatorΜανια Αικατερινηel
CreatorAntoniadis Aristomenisen
CreatorΑντωνιαδης Αριστομενηςel
PublisherCAD Solutionsen
Content SummaryIn this paper, a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) application is presented employed to facilitate and enhance the learning processes and traditional text book material of the Mechanical Drawing course for engineering students. The application can track and recognize 3D CAD models with the use of real-world markers printed on a hard copy of a Mechanical Drawing textbook which is used in class. Intuitively, the projected models can also be imported into a graphical user interface which provides trainees with advanced 3D transformation tools. These tools offer not only a mere visualization but an interactive understanding of the solid object and the underlying geometric transformations. Students often find it difficult to visualize a 3D model based on the standard views of the respective mechanical drawing. This application aims to overcome this problem using state of the art AR technology which is more appealing to the younger generation by simultaneously offering scientifically concrete 3D manipulations rendered on a mobile platform, based on computational geometry algorithms.en
Type of ItemPeer-Reviewed Journal Publicationen
Type of ItemΔημοσίευση σε Περιοδικό με Κριτέςel
Date of Item2023-05-05-
Date of Publication2021-
SubjectAugmented realityen
SubjectComputational geometryen
SubjectComputer-aided designen
Bibliographic CitationA. Marinakis, K. Mania and A. Antoniadis, “Augmented reality for CAD-CAM training featuring 3D interactive geometric transformations,” Comput. Aided Des. Appl., vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 561-570, 2021, doi: 10.14733/cadaps.2021.561-570.en

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