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1 H. V. Oral, M. Radinja, A. Rizzo, K. Kearney, T. R. Andersen, P. Krzeminski, G. Buttiglieri, D. Ayral-Cinar, J. Comas, M. Gajewska, M. Hartl, D. C. Finger, J. K. Kazak, H. Mattila, P. Vieira, P. Piro, S. A. Palermo, M. Turco, B. Pirouz, A. Stefanakis, M. Regelsberger, N. Ursino, and P. N. Carvalho, “Management of urban waters with nature-based solutions in circular cities-exemplified through seven urban circularity challenges,” Water, vol. 13, no. 23, Nov. 2021, doi: 10.3390/w13233334.2022-08-23