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1 M. Lazaridis ,P.G. Georgopoulos , “Dosimetry modeling of inhaled particles in the respiratory tract'', in International Society of Exposure Analysis (ISEA) Annual Meeting, Research Triangle Park,1997.2015-11-13
2 Μ. Lianou, M. Lazaridis, I. G. Kavouras ," Activities affecting the indoor particle number concentration in 35 residencies in Athens,"in 7th International Conference on Air Quality - Science and Application,2009.2015-11-13
3 V. Aleksandropoulou, T. Glytsos, Mihalis Lazaridis ,"Exposure to indoor and outdoor particulate matter and source-to-inhaled dose relationships,"in European Aerosol Conference ,2008.2015-11-13
4 P. Karageorgos, M. Latos, M. Lazaridis, N. Kalogerakis. (2008). Combating unpleasent odours in the municipal wastewater treatment plant of Chania.Presented at 9th International Conference Protection and Restoration of the Environment IX.[online]. Available:
5 V. Aleksandropoulou , M. Lazaridis," Development of a decision support tool for estimation of human exposure to particles (STEDOM) – A presentation of the stand alone exposure and dosimetry modules,"in European Aerosol Conference,2007.2015-11-13
6 T. Glytsos ,J. Smolík ,M. Lazaridis ," Characterization of indoor air quality using an indoor/outdoor microenvironmental model,"in International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering,2006.2015-11-13
7 S. Vratolis, Mitsakou C, K. Eleftheriadis, A. Karanasiou, C. Housiadas, M. Lazaridis," Gravimetric and optical PM10 Measurements in an Industrial workplace and the impact of the measurement uncertainty on the calculated inhaled dose," in 8th International Conference Protection and Restoration of the Environment VIII,2006.2015-11-13
8 V. Alesandropoulou, I. Kopanakis, M. Lazaridis,K. Tørseth," Measurements of particulate matter within the EMEP Programme,"in BACCI Network of Excellence Conference, 2006 .2015-11-12
9 M. Lazaridis, V. Aleksandropoulou, J. Smolik, T. Glytsos, E. Katsivela ,E. Dahlin," Indoor/outdoor particulate matter physicochemical characteristics in two residential houses,"in European Aerosol Conference ,2005.2015-11-12
10 M. Lazaridis, V. Aleksandropoulou, E. Dahlin, J. Smolík, J. E. Hansen, P. Moravec, V. Ždímal , O. Hermansen, K. Eleftheriadis, T. Glytsos, C. Dye," Characterization of indoor/outdoor particulate matter physico-chemical characteristics in two residential houses in Oslo, Norway: An Overview,"in 5th International Conference on Urban Air Quality,2005.2015-11-12
11 T. Glytsos, V. Aleksandropoulou, J. Smolik , M. Lazaridis," Indoor/outdoor exposure to particulate matter in the Oslo Metropolitan Area, Norway," Urban Air Quality Conference ,2005.2015-11-12
12 J. Smolík, V. Ždímal, J. Schwarz, M. Lazaridis, P. Dohányosová," Indoor/Outdoor aerosol measurements at different activities indoors,"in Urban Air Quality Conference,2005.2015-11-12
13 J. G. Bartzis, S. Andronopoulos, M. Kulmala, B. Larsen, M. Lazaridis, C. Lohse, P. Mirabel , C. Pilinis," The BOND project: The Marseille and Athens experimental campaign,"in European Aerosol Conference ,2004.2015-11-12
14 T. Glytsos ,M. Lazaridi," Modelling the dynamics of indoor particulate matter using a comprehensive microenvironmental model,"in 8th Conference on Environmental Science and Technology,2003.2015-11-12
15 M. Lazaridis, E. Dahlin, J. E. Hanssen, J. Smolik, N. Schmidbauer, P. Moravec, V. Zdimal, O. Hermansen, T. Glytsos, T. Svendby ,C. Dye. (2003).Characterization of Indoor/Outdoor particulate matter characteristics in two residential houses in Oslo, Norway.Presented at 8th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology.[online].Available:
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