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Development of experimental devices for measuring ozone concentration and application to the destruction of the fungus botrytis cinerea

Poimenidis Ioannis

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Year 2016
Type of Item Master Thesis
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Abstract In this master thesis was designed and manufactured a portable and high conformity experimental setup for measurement of gas concentration, with the use of light emission diode. This particular setup was manufactured, in order to can be promoted and used in the industry apart from the laboratory providing all the advantages of laboratorial environment. Some basic concerns were precision of measurements, high selectivity to the detection of gas, small response time, stability, resistibility, connection with computer and low manufacturing and maintenance cost . In this present study, a comparison was made to two other experimental setups in order to prove the above parameters. A comparison was made to an experimental setup containing a lamp Hg as luminous source of emission. The second comparison was made to an experimental setup containing solid state gas sensors. The gas which was measured, was the ozone. For this reason was incorporated in the experimental setup an ultraviolet led with wavelength of emission at the 255 nm (as close as possible to the absorption wavelength of ozone 253.8 nm). For the same reason were used solid state gas sensors measuring ozone and a mercury lamp which emits in ultraviolet wavelength. We considered essential in order our work to be more complete, to make use of this new experimental setup at an application for reduction of microbiological charge with future application in the rural industry. This practical application of ozone concerned the destruction of fungus Botrytis Cinerea using ozone at a suitable experimental setup that we developed for the needs of our work. The reason that the ozone was used, is that it can slow the growth or destroy the fungus without influencing the environment and the people, like the pesticides. Fruits or vegetables were not used for nutritious materials in order to minimize the factors of growth of the fungus.

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