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Διερεύνηση του ρυθμιστικού πλαισίου των τραπεζών γενετικού υλικού μέσα από τη διεθνή, ενωσιακή και εθνική νομοθεσία.

Limniou Georgia-Panagiota

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Year 2017
Type of Item Master Thesis
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Genebanks constitute the substantiated evidence of multidimensional value of Genetic Resources (GRs). Their various activities and the role that they maintain strengthen existing and potential value, that GRs perform through their use. As guarantors of safe conservation of GRs and all information, which is associated with them, they undertake increased responsibilities and obligations. They perform actions with final purpose the legal access and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their use. A new philosophy is required to regulate Genebanks operations and procedures, challenging the national legislator to fill gaps and to adopt practices in harmonisation with international legislative developments and specialized technological applications based on biology and biotechnology sciences. Genebanks acquire a strategic role in conservation and sustainable use of GRs as well as in the protection of biodiversity. The establishment of a simple, clear and cohesive regulatory framework constitutes the essential requirement for the protection of our country's national capital.

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