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Multi-wavelength dynamic imaging of the pupillary photomotor reflex

Karibidis Dionysios

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Year 2018
Type of Item Diploma Work
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Pupillography is utilized as a method in order to record changes of the pupil diameter. Nervous System and especially Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is responsible for controlling pupil reflexes, hence the pupil changes occur subconsciously. In this study an innovative, low-cost and wireless imaging system device developed for pupil non-invasive examination. The device is portable and there is also a possibility to apply different light stimulus within the visible spectrum and analyze the behavior of the pupil reaction. The goal of this thesis is to provide the proper device instrumentation and a basic algorithmic method to measure reliably and objectively the pupil diameter. For the needs of the proposed system an image processing algorithm and a graphic user interface was developed to control the device wirelessly. Due to the relation of pupillary reflexes and ANS, digital pupillography presents a simple and real time window for its functionality. Pupil responses may associate with a various pathologies such as brain or mental diseases, anxiety or autism with an uprisingresearch interest from various clinical studies to psychological impacting conditions.

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