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Improved modeling of the grinding process through the combined use of matrix and population balance models

Petrakis Evaggelos, Komnitsas Konstantinos

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Year 2017
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
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The mechanistic approach has proven so far to be flexible and successful for simulation of the grinding process. The basic idea underlying mechanistic models, namely the matrix and population balance models, is based on the identification of natural events during grinding. Since each model has its own capabilities and limitations, their combined use may offer additional advantages on this aspect. In this study, the matrix model and the selection function, namely the probability of breakage of the population balance model, were combined through a MATLAB code to predict the size distribution of the grinding products of quartz, marble, quartzite and metasandstone. The modeling results were in very good agreement with the particle size distributions obtained after grinding the feeds in a ball mill.

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