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Seaside landscapes – The case of Panormos

Ouranou Argyro

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Year 2024
Type of Item Diploma Thesis Project
Bibliographic Citation Argyro Ouranou, "Seaside landscapes – The case of Panormos ", Diploma Thesis Project, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2024
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The subject of this paper is the Greek coastal landscape and how it changes depending on different conditions.Through investigating the issue of spatial coexistence between permanent residents and temporary visitors, positions on place, landscape, and habitation were studied. In the first part, concepts that form the basis of the paper are analyzed. This section includes various approaches for a broader understanding of the aforementioned terms and prepares the ground for the next section, which examines vacationing in Greece and the architecture of the tourist landscape. Then, in the third part, a coastal settlement in northern Crete, the settlement of Panormos, is selected for study. Following its analysis, both historically and urbanistically, as well as through an experiential reading, the factors that led to the current appearance of the settlement are highlighted. Finally, the conclusions follow as a result of the previous three parts, where questions and solutions that arose during the study are listed. The goal is to redefine the concept of Greek tourism, taking into account the peculiarities of the place, and to identify the tools for highlighting the Greek coastal landscapes.

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