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1291 K.-A. Oungrinis, M. Liapi, E. Gkologkina, A. Kelesidi, D. Linaraki, M. Paschidi, L. Gargalis, A. Klothakis, D. Mairopoulos, "Intelligent spacecraft modules. Employing user-centered architecture with adaptable technology for the design of habitable interiors in long-term missions," in 64th International Astronautical Congress, 2013. [Online]. Available:
1292 K. A. Ougrinis, Ι. Paterakis, Α. Klothakis, Δ. Vidalis, Μ. Dimopoulou, Γ. Voradaki, Α. Tralo, "The Airpotition Project," in 13th SGEM Geoconference on Nano, Bio and Green –Technologies for a Sustainable Future, 2013, pp. 745 - 750. doi: 10.5593/SGEM2013/BF6/S27.0292015-11-17
1293 K.-A. Oungrinis, M. Liapi, D. Linaraki, D. Mairopoulos, "Affecting emotions with sensponsive design. A habitable spacecraft module experiment," in 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, 2013, pp. 30 - 36. doi: 10.1109/IE.2013.352015-11-17
1294 M. Liapi, K.-A. Oungrinis, M. Voyatzaki, "A sensponsive approach to technology-driven playgrounds," presented at International Conference: Constructionism 2012, Athens, Greece, 2012.2015-11-17
1295 K.-A. Oungrinis, "The digital 'soul' of smart materials. Creating programmable environments without parts," presented at EAAE/ENHSA InternationalConference: Scalelessseamless. [Online]. Available:
1296 K.-A. Oungrinis, M. Liapi, D. Mairopoulos, "From analog, to digital, to analog, to… The seamless process of monitoring, understanding and affecting spatial arrangements in a responsive experiment called "Spirit|Ghost," presented at EAAE/ENHSA International Conference: Scalelessseamless.[Online]. Available:
1297 M. Liapi, K.-A. Oungrinis, M. Voyatzaki, "Sensponsive playscapes," presented at eCAADe 2012 : Digital physicality. Proceedings of the 30th InternationalConference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe, Prague, Czech, 2012.2015-11-17
1298 K.-A. Oungrinis, M. Liapi, D. Linaraki, D. Mairopoulos, G. Voradaki, "Sensponsive design as a tool to address human comfort in habitable spacecraft modules," presented at 63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, Italy, 2012.2015-11-17
1299 K.-A. Oungrinis, M. Liapi. (2011). Rethinking the human: An educational experiment on sensponsive architecture. Presented at EAAE/ENHSA InternationalConference: Rethinking the Human in Technology-Driven Architecture. [Online]. Available:
1300 K.-A. Oungrinis,, M. Liapi, D. Linaraki, G. Voradaki, "Sensponding assemblies as a tool to stimulate the senses and affect the emotions of an individual," presented at 18th European Congress of Psychiatry EPA 2010, Elsevier Masson, Paris, 2010.2015-11-17
1301 M. Liapi, K. Oungrinis, "Empreinte Digitale": Smart materials re-invent the digital identity of architecture, presented at 5th EAAE/ ENHSA Architectural Theory Subgroup Workshop: SUR-FACE | ΕΠΙ-ΦΑΝΕΙΑ. Digital Materiality and the New Relation between Depth and Surface as a Challenge forArchitectural Education, Chania, Crete, Greece, 2010.2015-11-17
1302 N. Papamanolis, K. Oungrinis, M. Liapi, "Climatic Sensponding Architecture. Methods for addressing the diverse climatic behavior in Greece for energy efficient buildings," presented at 3rd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Cooling for the Built Environment, Rhodes, Greece, 2010.2015-11-17
1303 K. Oungrinis, N. Papamanolis. (2010). Contemporary Materials and Fabrication Techniques – A change in the way designers think. Presented at Educating Architects towards Innovative Architecture. [Online]. Available:
1304 N. Papamanolis, K.-Α. Oungrinis. (2010). The Influence of the Local Built Environment in the Teaching of Architectural Technology. The Example of Greece. Presented at ENHSA/EAAE 2010. Educating ArchitectsTowards Innovative Architecture. [Online]. Available:
1305 K.-Α. Oungrinis. (2007). 'Sensponding' architecture: Towards a holistic approach to transformable design. Στο Διεθνές Συνέδριο Tectonics - Making Meaning. [Online]. Available:
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