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1411 Α. Galanos, I. Doganis, P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, and N.Kallithrakas-Kontos, "Investigation for durable cast stone mortars for use in a marine environment," in 11th Intern. Congr. on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, 2008, pp. 1223-1230.2015-11-05
1412 Galanos A., Doganis I., Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki P., and N.,Kallithrakas-Kontos, "Hydraulic mortars and plasters at the ancient aqueduct of Naxos," in 11th Intern.Congr. on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, 2008, pp. 627-634.2015-11-05
1413 Ν. Μαραβελάκη, Γ. Χριστοδουλάκος "Εφαρµογή συµβατών κονιαµάτων για τηναποκατάσταση και λειτουργία του αρχαιολογικού µουσείου Κισάµου," Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Δοµικών Υλικών και Στοιχείων, Μάιος, 2008. 2015-11-05
1414 Ν. Μαραβελάκη-Καλαϊτζάκη, Ν. Καλλίθρακας-Κόντος, Β. Περδικάτσης, «Αναλύσειςχρωστικών και τερακότας από ελληνιστικά ειδώλια της Κρήτης», 1ο ΔιεθνέςΚρητολογικό Συνέδριο, 2006, σελ. 247-262.2015-11-05
1415 N. Kallithrakas-Kontos, P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, “EDXRF study of Late Minoanmetallic artworks”, in Intern. Symp., Aegean Metallurgy in Bronze Age, 2008, pp. 297-303.2015-11-05
1416 P. Kapsalas, M. Zervakis, P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, E. T. Delegou, A. Moropoulou,“NDT detection of decay areas and evaluation of their attributes," presented at XXI International CIPA Symposium, Athens, Greece, 2007.2015-11-05
1417 P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, “Characterization of weathering crusts from monuments inAthens, Greece," in Proc. Intern. Workshop on Air Pollution and Cultural Heritage, 2004, pp. 71-78.2015-11-05
1418 Z. Agioutantis, S. Maurigiannakis, P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, “Modeling the behaviorof strengthening agents on porous geomaterials," in 7th National Congress on Mechanics, Hellenic Society for Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, TechnicalUniversity of Crete, (HSTAM2004), June, pp. 138-143.2015-11-05
1419 P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, “Restoration of the Venetian Fortress of Firka, Chania, Crete,Greece," in 7th National Congress on Mechanics , Hellenic Society forTheoretical & Applied Mechanics, Technical University of Crete. (HSTAM2004), June, pp. 44-50.2015-11-05
1420 P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, Z. Agioutantis, S. Maurigiannakis, and N. Kallithrakas-Kontos, “Evaluation of the effectiveness of silicon-based strengthening agents on porous limestones,' in Proc. 10th International Congress on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, vol. 1, 2004, pp. 487- 494.2015-11-05
1421 V. Zafiropulos, P. Pouli, V. Kylikoglou, P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, B. S. Luk’yanchukand A. Dogariu, “Synchronous Use of IR and UV Laser Pulses in the Removal ofEncrustation: Mechanistic Aspects, Discoloration Phenomena and Benefits," in lasers in the Conservation of Artworks, Springer Proceedings in Physics, Vol. 100, 2005, pp. 311-318.2015-11-05
1422 P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, N. Kallithrakas-Kontos, “Surface Analysis in Archaeologyand Conservation by EDXRF," in Proc. of the 3rd Inter. Conf. on NonDestructive Testing of the Hellenic Society for NDT, 2003, pp. 235-240.2015-11-05
1423 P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, N. Kallithrakas-Kontos, “Barium hydroxide as strengtheningagent for porous limestones: assessment of efficiency after fifteen years of treatment," in Proc. of Science and Cultural Heritage XIXth International Congress,“Reversibility in restoration: Thoughts, experiences, research routes”, 2003, pp. 307-315.2015-11-05
1424 P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, “Innovative techniques for the characterization of encrustation on Pentelic marble from the Parthenon," in 7th Inter. Conf. on Non-Destructive Testing and Microanalysis for the Diagnostics and Conservation ofCultural and Environmental Heritage, June, 2002.2015-11-05
1425 P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, “Encrustation on Pentelic marble: cleaning and evaluationwith laser techniques," in Proc. of the Interdisciplinary Workshop “The BuildingStone in Monuments”, 2002, pp. 321-333.2015-11-05
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