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541 C.Tsinaraki, A. Perego, P. Polydoros, A. Syntzanaki,A. Martin, S. Christodoulakis.(2006).Semantic, constraint and preference based authoring of multi-topic multimedia presentations.Journal of Digital Information Management.[online].Available :
542 C. Tsinaraki , P.Polydoros , S. Christodoulakis ,"Interoperability support between MPEG-7/21 and OWL in DS-MIRF ",iEEE Tran. on Knowl.e and Data Engin. ,vol.19,no.2 ,pp.219 - 232 ,2007.doi : 10.1109/TKDE.2007.332015-10-02
543 C. Tsinaraki , S. Christodoulakis ,"An MPEG-7 query language and a user preference model that allow semantic retrieval and filtering of multimedia content ",Mul. Sys., vol. 13,no.2,pp.131-153,2007.doi:10.1007/s00530-007-0091-z2015-10-02
544 S.Christodoulakis , M.Foukarakis, , L. Ragia , "Personalised spatial knowledge management for pictures using ontologies and semantic maps " ,In.J. of D.Cult. and El. Tour.,vol.4,no.1 ,2009. doi :10.1504/IJDCET.2009.025362015-10-02
545 S. Christodoulakis, M. Garofalakis, E.G.M. Petrakis, A. Deligiannakis, V. Samoladas, E. Ioannou, O. Papapetrou and S. Sotiriadis, "Data management research at the Technical University of Crete," in SIGMOD Record, pp. 61-66,2013. doi: 10.1145/2590989.2590999 2015-10-02
546 G. Skevakis, .C Tsinaraki, I. Trochatou, S. Christodoulakis , "A crowdsourcing framework for the management of mobile multimedia nature observations ",Int. J.of Per. Compu. and Com.,vol. 10,no. 3,pp.216-238,2014 .doi:10.1108/IJPCC-06-2014-00382015-10-02
547 G. Skevakis — ,K.Makris —,V. Kalokyri — ,P. Arapi — S.Christodoulakis , "Metadata management, interoperability and linked data publishing support for natural history museums ",In.J. on Dig. Lib., vol.14, no.3-4 ,pp.127-140 ,2014. doi :10.1007/s00799-014-0114-22015-10-02
548 G.Skevakis , K.Makris , V.Kalokyri , P. Arapi , S.Christodoulakis ,"The SPARQL2XQuery Interoperability Framework ", w ,wide web ,vol. 18, no.2,pp.403-490 ,2015.doi :10.1007/s11280-013-0257-x2015-10-02
549 J. Chatzakis, K. Kalaitzakis, N. Voulgaris, S. Manias, "Designing a new generalized battery management system," IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, vol. 50, no. 5, pp. 990-999, Oct. 2003. doi:10.1109/TIE.2003.8177062015-10-01
550 V. Kastrinaki, M. Zervakis and K. Kalaitzakis, "A survey of video processing techniques for traffic applications," Image and Vision Computing, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 359-381, Apr. 2003. doi:10.1016/S0262-8856(03)00004-02015-09-30
551 D. Kolokotsa, G.S. Stavrakakis, K. Kalaitzakis and D. Agoris, "Genetic algorithms optimized fuzzy controller for the indoor environmental management in buildings implemented using PLC and local operating networks," Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, vol. 15, no. 5, pp. 417-428, Sept. 2002. doi:10.1016/S0952-1976(02)00090-82015-09-30
552 K. Kalaitzakis, G. Stavrakakis and E. Anagnostakis, "Short-term load forecasting based on artificial neural networks parallel implementation," Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 63, no. 3, pp. 185-196, Oct. 2002. doi:10.1016/S0378-7796(02)00123-22015-09-30
553 D. Kolokotsa, K. Kalaitzakis, E. Antonidakis and G.Stavrakakis, "Interconnecting smart card system with PLC controller in a local operating network to form a distributed energy management and control system for buildings," Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 119-134, Jan. 2002. doi:10.1016/S0196-8904(01)00013-92015-09-30
554 D. Kolokotsa, K. Kalaitzakis, G. Stavrakakis, G. Sutherland and G. Eytaxias "'Local Operating Networks technology aiming to improve building energy management system performance satisfying the users preferences", Int.Journ. of So. Energy, vol. 21, no. 2-3, pp. 219-242, Jan. 2001, doi:10.1080/014259101089143722015-09-30
555 D. Kolokotsa, D. Tsiavos, G.S Stavrakakis, K. Kalaitzakis and E. Antonidakis, "Advanced fuzzy logic controllers design and evaluation for buildings’ occupants thermal–visual comfort and indoor air quality satisfaction," Energy and Buildings, vol. 33, no. 6, pp. 531-543, Jul. 2001. doi:10.1016/S0378-7788(00)00098-02015-09-29
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