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Transport of neutrally buoyant and densevariably sized colloids in a two-dimensionalfracture with anisotropic aperture

Chrysikopoulos Constantinos, Scott C James

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Year 2003
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation C. V. Chrysikopoulos, S. C. James, "Transport of neutrally buoyant and dense variably sized colloids in a two-dimensional fracture with anisotropic aperture " , Por. Med.,vol. 51,no.2 ,pp.191–210, 2003.doi:10.1023/A:1021952226861
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The transport of monodisperse as well as polydisperse colloid suspensions in a twodimensional,water saturated fracture with spatially variable and anisotropic aperture is investigatedwith a particle tracking model. Both neutrally buoyant and dense colloid suspensions are considered.Although flow and transport in fractured subsurface formations have been studied extensively bynumerous investigators, the transport of dense, polydisperse colloid suspensions in a fracture withspatially variable and anisotropic aperture has not been previously explored. Simulated snapshots andbreakthrough curves of ensemble averages of several realizations of a log-normally distributed aperturefield show that polydisperse colloids exhibit greater spreading than monodisperse colloids, anddense colloids show greater retardation than neutrally buoyant colloids. Moreover, it is demonstratedthat aperture anisotropy oriented along the flow direction substantially increases colloid spreading;whereas, aperture anisotropy oriented transverse to the flow direction retards colloid movement.

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