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Influence of porosity and grain size of carbonate rocks in the reactivityof lime

Christidis Georgios, T. Markopoulos, G. Triantafyllou,

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Year 2003
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation G. Triantafyllou, G. Christidis T. Markopoulos.(2003).Influence of porosity and grain size of carbonate rocks in the reactivity of lime.Presented at Seventh Biennial SGA Meeting, At Athens.[online].Available:
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The influence of porosity and calcite crystal size on the reactivity of lime produced from limestonesfrom Kefalonia (Lk) and Arta (La) areas, and marbles from Asfendou, Crete (Ma) and Naxos Island(Mn) was studied. Lime reactivity was studied in terms of specific surface area and slaking temperature. In allcases the specific surface area displays a maximum at low firing temperatures decreasing thereafter. In rockswith low porosity lime reactivity depends on calcite crystal size. Very small calcite crystal sizes comparableto that of lime crystals yield lime with low reactivity due to low porosity of the end products. The lime producedfrom raw materials with large crystal size has inferior reactivity due to kinetic constraints. In materialswith small calcite crystal sizes comparable to that of lime crystals reactivity of lime is controlled by porosityof the starting materials

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