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Interoperability of eLearning applications with digital libraries

Christodoulakis Stavros, Manolis Mylonakis, Nektarios Moumoutzis, Polyxeni Arapi, Manjula Patel, Sarantos Kapidakis, Christos Papatheodorou, Antonia Arahova, Barbara Vagiati, Haroula Konsolaki

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Year 2006
Type of Item Conference Poster
Bibliographic Citation S. Christodoulakis, P. Arapi, N. Moumoutzis, M. Mylonakis, M. Patel, S.Kapidakis, C. Papatheodorou, A. Arahova, B. Vagiati, H. Konsolaki, "Interoperability of eLearning applications with digital libraries ,in 10th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries,2006,pp. 83-85.
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The most important application of Digital Libraries (DL) is to support knowledge and learning purposes. However, DLs and their standards have been developed independently of eLearning applications and their standards. For that, interoperability issues between digital libraries and eLearning applications are risen (complex and multilevel problem). In order to enable the construction of eLearning applications that easily exploit DL contents it is crucial to bridge the interoperability gap between digital libraries and eLearning applications. Task 5.4 is exploring the interoperability of eLearning applications and Digital Libraries looking particularly at data models, standards and workflows. The aim is to study the major standards for digital libraries (e.g. METS), eLearning (e.g. SCORM) and audio-visual content description (e.g. MPEG-7), and to produce mappings among them. Based on this, the objective is to develop an integration framework and a service-oriented architecture which will be validated by a specific demonstrator.

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