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Application of dynamic programming to evaluate the slope stability of a vertical extension to a balefill.

Arie Kremen , Yiannis Tsompanakis

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Year 2010
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation A. Kremen ,Y.Tsompanakis , " Application of dynamic programming to evaluate the slope stability of a vertical extension to a balefill", Intern. Solid Was.and Public Clean. Assoc. ,vol. 28,no.4,pp. 373-382,2010.doi :10.1177/0734242X09354767
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The slope-stability of a proposed vertical extension of a balefill was investigated in the present study, in an attempt to determine a geotechnically conservative design, compliant with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regulations, to maximize the utilization of unclaimed disposal capacity. Conventional geotechnical analytical methods are generally limited to well-defined failure modes, which may not occur in landfills or balefills due to the presence of preferential slip surfaces. In addition, these models assume an a priori stress distribution to solve essentially indeterminate problems. In this work, a different approach has been applied, which avoids several of the drawbacks of conventional methods. Specifically, the analysis was performed in a two-stage process: (a) calculation of stress distribution, and (b) application of an optimization technique to identify the most probable failure surface. The stress analysis was performed using a finite element formulation and the location of the failure surface was located by dynamic programming optimization method. A sensitivity analysis was performed to evaluate the effect of the various waste strength parameters of the underlying mathematical model on the results, namely the factor of safety of the landfill. Although this study focuses on the stability investigation of an expanded balefill, the methodology presented can easily be applied to general geotechnical investigations.