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Inertial distress of waste landfills

Yiannis Tsompanakis , Prodromos Psarropoulos , Y. Karabatsos, Varvara Zania

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Extent10 pagesen
TitleInertial distress of waste landfillsen
CreatorYiannis Tsompanakis en
CreatorProdromos Psarropoulos en
CreatorY. Karabatsosen
CreatorVarvara Zania en
Content SummaryThe seismic response of municipal solid waste landfills has recently drawn much attention due to the environmental, socio-economical, and public-health issues that could be raised in the case of a failure. However, there are certain technical issues that have not been fully addressed, such as the impact of local site conditions on the seismic response of a landfill. This study presents the results of a parametric numerical simulation that has been performed in order to examine the inertial distress of a typical solid waste landfill. Emphasis is given on the special characteristics of the ground motion, while the nonlinearity of both soil and waste materials is taken into account by an iterative equivalent linear procedure. Results indicate that soil conditions as well as the seismic excitation and the landfill characteristics play a significant and unquantifiable role on the inertial accelerations developed on the landfill. en
Type of ItemPeer-Reviewed Journal Publicationen
Type of ItemΔημοσίευση σε Περιοδικό με Κριτέςel
Date of Item2015-10-08-
Date of Publication2008-
SubjectRegions, Seismically activeen
SubjectSeismic areasen
SubjectSeismic zonesen
SubjectSeismically active regionsen
SubjectZones, Earthquakeen
SubjectZones, Seismicen
Subjectearthquake zonesen
Subjectregions seismically activeen
Subjectseismic areasen
Subjectseismic zonesen
Subjectseismically active regionsen
Subjectzones earthquakeen
Subjectzones seismicen
Bibliographic CitationV. Zania ,P. Psarropoulos ,Y. Karabatsos ,Y. Tsompanakis ,"Inertial distress of waste landfills,"Comp. and Str. ,vol 86 ,no.7, pp. 642-651. doi : 10.1016/j.compstruc.2007.07.011en