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Structural optimization: a tool for evaluating seismic design procedures

Nikos Lagaros , Michalis Fragiadakis , Manolis Papadrakakis, Yiannis Tsompanakis

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Year 2006
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation N. Lagaros ,M. Fragiadakis ,M. Papadrakakis ,Y. Tsompanakis, " Structural optimization: a tool for evaluating seismic design procedures,"Eng. Struc. ,vol 28,no. 12,pp. 1623-1633. doi : 10.1016/j.engstruct.2006.02.014
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The objective of this paper is to evaluate seismic design procedures for three-dimensional (3D) frame structures using structural optimization methodologies. The evaluation is based on European seismic design code, where procedures based on both linear and nonlinear time-history analysis are adopted. In order to simulate seismic actions realistically, suites of both natural and artificial ground motion records are used. Furthermore, it is shown that structural optimization is a very efficient design tool that can be applied on realistic buildings. For the solution of the optimization problem, a highly efficient evolutionary algorithm is adopted. The results obtained demonstrate the advantages of using more elaborate seismic design procedures, based on a detailed simulation of the structural behaviour and the applied seismic loading, as opposed to the commonly used simplified design approaches. Designs with less material cost combined with better seismic performance are obtained when nonlinear time-history analysis is performed.