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Observed currents and water levels in Hamilton Harbour

Tsanis Giannis, Fausto Chiocchio, Jian Wu

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Year 1996
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation J. Wu, I. K. Tsanis, F. Chiocchio ,"Observed currents and water levels in Hamilton Harbour ,"J. of Great Lakes Res. ,vol. 22,no.2 ,pp.224–240,1996.doi:10.1016/S0380-1330(96)70951-6
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Measurements of currents, water levels, meteorological inputs and temperatures were made in Hamilton Harbour during 1991. This paper describes the field program and derives features of currents and water level variations. Although the water level measurements clearly showed the fundamental seiche of the harbor itself (period 23 minutes, amplitude 1 mm), the water level in the harbor closely tracks the water level in adjacent Lake Ontario (amplitudes of several cm). A crude estimate of the hypothetical flushing time of the harbor as a result of water level oscillations alone is 3 years. Statistical analysis of both wind and current reveals a looser coupling between winds and currents might be expected, particularly when the water column is homogeneous. This result could be caused by the spatial variation of the wind field or by the bottom topography both as sources of eddying motions. Horizontal eddy diffusivities indicate a subsurface lateral mixing time scale for the entire harbor of 1 year.