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X-ray chemical shift determination by energy dispersive detection

Kallithrakas-Kontos Nikolaos

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Year 1996
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation N. Kallithrakas-Kontos, "X-ray chemical shift determination by energy dispersive detection," Spectrochim. Acta, Part B, vol. 51, no. 13, pp. 1655–1659, No. 1996. doi: 10.1016/S0584-8547(96)01552-2
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X-ray energy shifts due to differences in the chemical states of the emitting elements were investigated. The centroids of the Kα and Kβ characteristic lines produced from chromium and manganese compounds were measured and compared with the centroids of X-ray lines produced from the corresponding metals. Excitation was carried out using a 109Cd radioactive source, and the X-rays were detected with use of a Si(Li) energy dispersive semiconductor detector. solver, a program included in Microsoft Excel for Windows, was used to approximate the form of the X-ray lines with a gaussian function. The results showed that energy dispersive X-ray detection can be used for chemical shift determinations.