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Optimal external memory planar point enclosure

Samoladas Vasilis, Lars Arge, Ke Yi

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Year 2004
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation L. Arge, V. Samoladas, K. Yi .(2004).Optimal external memory planar point enclosure.Presented at 12th Annual European Symposium.[online].Available:
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In this paper we study the external memory planar point en- closure problem: Given N axis-parallel rectangles in the plane, construct a data structure on disk (an index) such that all K rectangles containing a query point can be reported I/O-efficiently. This problem has important applications in e.g. spatial and temporal databases, and is dual to the important and well-studied orthogonal range searching problem. Surpris- ingly, we show that one cannot construct a linear sized external memory point enclosure data structure that can be used to answer a query in O(logB N + K/B) I/Os, where B is the disk block size. To obtain this bound, Ω(N/B1−ε) disk blocks are needed for some constant ε > 0. With linear space, the best obtainable query bound is O(log2 N + K/B). To show this we prove a general lower bound on the tradeoff between the size of the data structure and its query cost. We also develop a family of structures with matching space and query bounds.