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The interior as an exterior . Precedents for the addition of a new hall in the old Gymnasium Neapolis, Crete

Skoutelis Nikolaos

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Year 2012
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation N. skoutelis ," The interior as an exterior . Precedents for the addition of a new hall in the old Gymnasium Neapolis, Crete,"in 2012 Conf. Less+More Architecture,doi: 10.13140/2.1.4549.5686
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Designing interiors as exteriors has always been a great challenge in architectural design. As acompositional principle this method highlights the capacity of the architect in combining scales and as a finalresult, it enriches the character of the buildings as containers of life.The current proposal is concerned with two interventions for the construction of halls in the towns of Chaniáand Neapolis in Crete. The design approach should be that of the proposal of the external space qualities inthese halls that should demonstrate a rich atmosphere made by the minimal architectural effort. The study ofprecedents has offered several ideas, in order to improve continuity and the severe control of our decisions.In Chaniá the design of the internal walls combines row wood strips and photographs, trying to create thecompact image of reed, moving by the wind. In Neapolis, the existing courtyard space is imagined as beingcovered by a large tent which curves downward, toward its centre and is pulled back by its four corners creatingtension.This method, where it can be applied, gives more welfare using less architecture. For the interventions inexisting historical buildings it can offer the idea of the natural elements with which time involves buildings andcreates the patina. The interiors designed as exteriors can offer a deeper architectural thought beyond buildingsas a kind of a primitive euphoria, as life in the inbuilt.

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