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1 E. Petrakis, V. Karmali, G. Bartzas and K. Komnitsas, "Grinding kinetics of slag and effect of final particle size on the compressive strength of alkali-activated materials," Minerals, vol. 9, no. 11, pp. 1-21, Nov. 2019. doi: 10.3390/min91107142020-03-24
2 K. Komnitsas, L. Yurramendi, G. Bartzas, V. Karmali and E. Petrakis, "Factors affecting co-valorization of fayalitic and ferronickel slags for the production of alkali activated materials," Sci. Total Environ., vol. 721, Jun. 2020. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.1377532020-03-24
3 C. Arvanitidis, E. Steiakakis and Z. Agioutantis, "Peak friction angle of soils as a function of grain size," Geotech. Geol. Eng., vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 1155-1167, Jun, 2019. doi: 10.1007/s10706-018-0675-82019-10-18
4 D. Vamvuka, S. Sfakiotakis and A. Mpoumpouris, "Slagging and fouling propensities of ashes from urban and industrial wastes," Recent Innov. Chem. Eng., vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 145-158, 2018. doi: 10.2174/24055204116661807311007282019-10-07
5 K.N. Kaklis, S.P. Maurigiannakis, Z.G. Agioutantis and P. Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, "Characterization of pozzolanic lime mortars used as filling material in shaped grooves for restoring member connections in ancient monuments," Int. J. Archit. Herit., vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 75-90, Nov. 2017. doi: 10.1080/15583058.2017.13773132019-10-07
6 V. Gaganis, "Rapid phase stability calculations in fluid flow simulation using simple discriminating functions," Comp. Chem. Eng., vol. 108, pp. 112-127, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.compchemeng.2017.09.0062019-10-07
7 E. Steiakakis, "Evaluation of exploitable groundwater reserves in karst terrain: a case study from Crete, Greece," Geosci., vol. 8, no. 1, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.3390/geosciences80100192019-10-03
8 G.P. Petropoulos, P.K. Srivastava, M. Piles and S. Pearson, "Earth observation-based operational estimation of soil moisture and evapotranspiration for agricultural crops in support of sustainable water management", Sustainability, vol. 10, no. 1, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.3390/su100101812019-10-03
9 E. Petrakis and K. Komnitsas, "Correlation between material properties and breakage rate parameters determined from grinding tests," Appl. Sci., vol. 8, no. 2, Feb. 2018. doi: 10.3390/app80202202019-10-02
10 P. Tserolas, A. Maravelis, N. Pasadakis and A. Zelilidis, "Organic geochemical features of the Upper Miocene successions of Lefkas and Cephalonia islands, Ionian Sea, Greece: an integrated geochemical and statistical approach," Arab. J. Geosci., vol. 11, no. 6, Mar. 2018. doi: 10.1007/s12517-018-3431-82019-09-20
11 N.G. Kallithrakas-Kontos, D.C. Xarchoulakos, P. Boultadaki, C. Potiriadis and K. Kehagia, "Selective membrane complexation and uranium isotopes analysis in tap water and seawater samples," Anal. Chem., vol. 90, no. 7, pp. 4611-4615, Apr. 2018. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.7b051152019-09-18
12 D. Vamvuka, S. Dermitzakis, D. Pentari and S. Sfakiotakis, "Valorization of meat and bone meal through pyrolysis for soil amendment or lead adsorption from wastewaters," Food Bioprod. Process., vol. 109, pp. 148-157, May 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.fbp.2018.04.0022019-09-12
13 V. Karakitsios, E. Tzortzaki, F. Giraud and N. Pasadakis, "First evidence for the early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE1a) from the Western margin of the Pindos Ocean (NW Greece)," Geobios, vol. 51, no. 3, pp. 187-210, Jun. 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.geobios.2018.04.0062019-09-11
14 A. Whyte, K.P. Ferentinos and G.P. Petropoulos, "A new synergistic approach for monitoring wetlands using Sentinels -1 and 2 data with object-based machine learning algorithms," Environ. Model. Softw., vol. 104, pp. 40-54, Jun. 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2018.01.0232019-09-10
15 G. Kaniadakis and D.T. Hristopulos, "Nonlinear kinetics on lattices based on the Kinetic Interaction Principle," Entropy, vol. 20, no. 6, Jun. 2018. doi: 10.3390/e200604262019-09-10
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