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1261 V.C. Kelessidis , C. Tsamantaki , A. Michalakis ,G. E. Christidis , P. Makri , K.Papanicolaou , A. Foscolos ,"Greek lignites as additives for controlling filtration properties of water–bentonite suspensions at high temperatures ", Fuel. ,vol.86, no. 7-8 ,pp.1112-1121 ,2007.doi:10.1016/j.fuel.2006.10.0092015-10-01
1262 I. Marantos, T. Markopoulos , G. E. Christidis ,"Zeolitic alteration in the Tertiary Feres volcano-sedimentary basin, Thrace, NE Greece ",Min.Mag. ,vol.71, no.3 , pp.327-345 ,2007. doi :10.1180/minmag.2007.071.3.3272015-10-01
1263 D. Moraetis , G.E. Christidis ,V. Perdikatsis ," Ion exchange equilibrium and structural changes in clinoptilolite irradiated with - and -radiation: Monovalent cations ",Am. Min. ,vol. 92 , no. 10 , pp.1714–1730 ,2007.doi :10.2138/am.2007.25452015-10-01
1264 G. E. Christidis, H. Papantoni , "Synthesis of FAU Type Zeolite Y from Natural Raw Materials: Hydrothermal SiO2-Sinter and Perlite Glas ",The Op. Mine. J. ,vol.,pp.1-5 ,2008.doi :10.2174/18744567008020100012015-10-01
1265 J. T. Kenneth Livi ,G.E. Christidis ,Péter Árkai ,D. R Veblen , " White mica domain formation: A model for paragonite, margarite, and muscovite formation during prograde metamorphism ",Am. Mineral. ,vol. 93,no.4 pp.520-527 ,2008.doi :10.2138/am.2008.26622015-10-01
1266 G. E. Christidis ,"Validity of the structural formula method for layer charge determination of smectites: A re-evaluation of published data ", App. Cl. Sc.,vol. 42, no. 1-2,pp.1-7 ,2008. doi:10.1016/j.clay.2008.02.0022015-10-01
1267 G.E. Christidis ,"Do bentonites have contradictory characteristics?An attempt to answer unanswered questions ", Cl. MIner. ,vol.43 ,no.4 ,pp.515-529 ,2008. doi :10.1180/claymin.2008.043.4.012015-10-01
1268 I. Marantos, Th. Markopoulos, G. E. Christidis ,V. Perdikatsis, " Geochemical characteristics of the alteration of volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks in the Feres Basin, Thrace, NE Greece",C. Min.,vol.43 ,no.4 ,pp.575-595 ,2008.doi:10.1180/claymin.2008.043.4.05 2015-10-01
1269 G.E. Christidis, W.n D. Huff ," Geological Aspects and Genesis of Bentonites", Elemen.,vol .5 ,no.2 ,pp.93–98,2009 .doi :10.2113/gselements.5.2.932015-10-01
1270 A. A Masoud,G. Christidis, K. Koike, "Characterization of E1-Tih kaolin quality using mineralogical, geochemical and geostatistical analyses ", C. Min. ,vol.48 ,no. 1, pp.1-20 ,2013. doi:10.1180/claymin.2013.048.1.01 2015-10-01
1271 G. Christidis, E. Koutsopoulou, " A simple approach to the identification of trioctahedral smectites by X-ray diffraction " ,C. Min., vo.48 ,no.5 ,pp. 687-696 ,2013.doi:10.1180/claymin.2013.048.5.222015-10-01
1272 Y. C. Chemeda , G.E. Christidis , N.M. T. Khana, E. Koutsopoulou ,V. Hatzistamou , V.C. Kelessidis ,"Rheological properties of palygorskite–bentonite and sepiolite–bentonite mixed clay suspensions ",Ap. C. Sc. ,vol. 90 ,pp.165–174 ,2014.doi :10.1016/j.clay.2013.12.0132015-10-01
1273 Y. C. Chemeda , D. Deneele , G. E. Christidis , G. Ouvrard ,"Influence of hydrated lime on the surface properties and interaction of kaolinite particles ", vol.107,pp.1-13 ,2015.doi:10.1016/j.clay.2015.01.0192015-10-01
1274 V. Hatzistavros and N. Kallithrakas-Kontos, "TXRF cation analysis by anionic membrane collection", X-Ray Spectrom, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 229-233, Mar. 2009. doi: 10.1002/xrs.11562015-09-29
1275 Christos D. Georgiou, Henry J. Sun, Christopher P. McKay, Konstantinos Grintzalis1, Ioannis Papapostolou,Dimitrios Zisimopoulos, Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Gaosen Zhang, Eleni Koutsopoulou, George E. Christidis& Irene Margiolaki "Evidence for photochemical production of reactiveoxygen species in desert soils "Nature Communications (Impact Factor: 11.47). 05/2015; 6:71002015-09-26
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