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Integration of morphotectonical data in architectural design

Skoutelis Nikolaos, Manoutsoglou Emmanouil

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TitleIntegration of morphotectonical data in architectural design en
CreatorSkoutelis Nikolaosen
CreatorΣκουτελης Νικολαοςel
CreatorManoutsoglou Emmanouilen
CreatorΜανουτσογλου Εμμανουηλel
Content SummaryStrategies to develop the localities that constitute the coastal foreheads in the settlements Sissi and Milatou Beach in Eastern Crete, have been the focus of local society for the last years. A major focus of present research in this area is the localisation of elements that forms the character and structures the dynamic of individual spaces, following detailed data evaluation, aiming at the attribution of protection, prominence and integration rules of natural landscape in the life and prospects of structured space. The two coastal settlements were developed according to the existing geological map on marls and marly limestones of Pliocene age and partly on limestones of Tripoli Zone of Cretaceous-Upper Eocene age, that shape tectonic horst in the area and determined the morfotectonic relief. The detailed geological mapping following the detailed topographic mapping with simultaneous collection of tectonic data and description of depositional lithofacies, allowed the possibility to include the morfotectonical data in the new planning and in the proposals for the reformation of coastal foreheads in the two settlements. The obvious rotational fault fragments that predominate in the asymmetrical troughs, the action of which has additionally controlled the spatial distribution of the local deposits which are mass flows, stratified breccias and breccio-conglomerates that build the majority of coastal foreheads, are similar to Prina Complex. This new insight into rotational fault fragments suggests a novel approach to the development of architectural solution, which elevates the geological background and link with the dynamics of space in new balancesel
Type of ItemΠλήρης Δημοσίευση σε Συνέδριοel
Type of ItemConference Full Paperen
Date of Item2015-10-21-
Date of Publication2010-
Bibliographic CitationE. Manoutsoglou ,N. Skoutelis ," Integration of morphotectonical data in architectural design," in 9th Pan-Hellenic Geographicval Conference of the Hellenic Geographical Society,2010,pp.516-523.en

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