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121 S. P. Mertikas, R. Ioannides, X. Frantzis, A. Tripolitsiotis, P. Partsinevelos, I. N. Tziavos, G. S. Vergos, W. Hausleitner, "Recent Developments for the estimation of the altimeter bias for the Jason-1&2 satellites using the dedicated calibration site at Gavdos," in SPIE, Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, and Land Water Regions2009. doi: 10.1117/12.8304032015-11-13
122 J. Kiousopoulos, P. Partsinevelos, M. Pigaki, N. Tsiougou, I. Veizi, “Anthropogenetic Intensity Indicator; Measuring Human Impact Along Coastal Areas," presented at Studying, Modeling and Sense Making of Planet Earth, Mytilene, Greece, 2008.2015-11-13
123 A. Stefanidis, P. Agouris, P. Partsinevelos, “Summarizing the content of motion imagery datasets," presented at International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Corfu, Greece, 2002. 2015-11-13
124 P. Partsinevelos, P. Agouris, A. Stefanidis. (2000). Modeling Movement Relations in Dynamic Urban Scenes. Presented at International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vol. XXXIII. [Online]. Available:
125 A. Stefanidis, P. Partsinevelos, P. Agouris. (2001,January). Using Lifelines for Spatiotemporal Summaries. Presented at National Conference on Digital Government Research. [Online]. Available:
126 Z. Vryzas, P. Arkoudeas, O. Mahmoud, H. Nasr-El-Din, V.C. Kelessidis, " Utilization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Drilling Fluids Improves Fluid Loss and Formation Damage Characteristics," in First EAGE Workshop on Well Injectivity and Productivity in Carbonates(WIPIC'15), March.2015-11-13
127 V.C. Kelessidis, S. Ahmed, A. Koulidis, "An Improved Drilling Simulator for Operations, Research and Training," in 2015 19th Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference,doi:
128 D.I. Gerogiorgis, V.C. Kelessidis, " Fouling investigation via CFD modeling of annular multiphase flows during underbalanced drilling (UBD), presented at Materials Aspects of Corrosion and Fouling in Oil Refining and Exploration,San Diego CA,20142015-11-13
129 V.C. Kelessidis, M. Fraim, M. Fardis, E. Karakosta, G. Diamantopoulos, P. Arkoudeas, S. Elhardalo, L.Lagkaditi, and G. Papavassiliou, "Comprehensive Assessment of Additive and Class G Cement Properties Affecting Rheology, Fluid Loss, Setting Time and Long Term Characteristics of Elastic Cements," in 2014 EuropeanUnconventional Conference and Exhibition, doi:
130 V. C. Kelessidis, M. Zografou, V. Chatzistamou," Optimization of drilling fluid rheological and fluid loss properties utilizing PHPA polymer," in 2013 Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Exhibition, doi:
131 R. Mahmoud, V.C. Kelessidis, M. Karimi, V. Sankar, " Optimization of Casing Drilling Performance Using PAYZONE Simulator and Historical Well Data," in 2012 Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition, doi:
132 V. C. Kelessidis, "Advances in drilling hydraulics and drilling fluid rheology,presented at the 20th ITU Petroleum and Natural Gas Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010.2015-11-13
133 VC. Kelessidis," Challenges for very deep oil and gas drilling – will there ever be a depth limit ?" presented at 3rd International AMIREG Conference, Athens, Greece, 2009.2015-11-13
134 P. Dalamarinis , V.C. Kelessidis, V Chatzistamou," Analysis of water and geothermal-well shallow drilling data via drilling software allows for rock drillability assessment and drill bit performance,"presented at 3rd International AMIREG Conference, Athens,Greece, 2009.2015-11-13
135 V.C. Kelessidis, " Need for better knowledge of in-situ unconfined compressive strength of rock (UCS) to improve rock drillability prediction," presented at 3rd International AMIREG Conference, Athens, Greece, 2009.2015-11-13
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