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C.54.> Microwave engineering education at the technological educational institutes in Greece

Liodakis Georgios, Ioannis O. Vardiambasis , Melina P. Ioannidou, Theodoros N. Kapetanakis, Adamidis, Georgios

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Year 2013
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation I. O. Vardiambasis, M. P. Ioannidou, G. S. Liodakis, T. N. Kapetanakis, and G. A. Adamidis, "Microwave engineering education at the technological educational institutes in Greece," in Proc. 8th Intern. Conf. New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education. (NHIBE 2013), Jan, pp. 136-141.
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Greece is a small country with 11 million inhabitants. Microwave education is provided byuniversities on 5-year programs and Technological Educational Institutes (TEIs) on 4-year programs.This paper describes microwave engineering education within the Departments of ElectronicEngineering (DoEEs) in TEIs, and especially within the one of TEI of Crete. After a short descriptionof the electronic engineering education programs, the paper emphasizes on the present situation inmicrowave courses, which are evolving due to rapid changes in engineering practice. Factors, such asthe knowledge explosion, the technological developments, the globalisation, the national andinternational competition, and the military and industrial infrastructure renewal, are responsible for amajor shift in microwave and antenna education. Being determined to stop electronic engineeringstudents from facing upon microwaves just as a difficult, theoretically demanding, and complexmathematics requiring topic, we have used modern computer modelling, simulation, and animationtools, in order to transform abstract electromagnetic-field theory into realistic images on screen.