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IRHIS: Intelligent, adaptive information retrieval system as hospital information system front end

Jean-Francois Boisvieux, Peri Loucopoulos, Dominique Pierre, Vic Lane, Huibert Tange, Jan Talmon, Alain Venot, Isabelle de Zegher, Moustakis Vasilis

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Year 1990
Type of Item Conference Short Paper
Bibliographic Citation Α. de Zegher, A. Venot, V. Moustakis, J. Talmon, H. Tange, V. Lane, D. Pierre, J. Charlet, P. Loucoupoulos, J.F. Boisvieux, "IRHIS: Intelligent, adaptive information Retrieval system an Hospital Information System front end," in Advances in Medical Informatics, 1990, pp. 188–198. doi: 10.3233/978-1-60750-846-5-188
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The goal of the IRHIS project was to explore a solution to the problem of information overload in an effort to improve health-care delivery. This was performed by implementing a prototype demonstrator that assists the user to easily access on-line medical records. The system is based on predefined user requirements and uses techniques such as graphics, hypertext and artificial intelligence. We cannot claim that we solved the problem of information overload. From the evaluation phase of the project however, it appears that the implemented prototype would allow the user to save time and get better insight into complex medical problems.