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Propagation of drought through the hydrological cycle

Van Loon Anne, Van Lanen Henny , Tallaksen L.M. , Hanel Martin, Fendekova Miriam , Machlica Andrej , Marjolein van Huijgevoort, Jódar Jorge, Hisdal Hege, Sapriza Gonzalo , Koutroulis Aristeidis, Tsanis Giannis

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Year 2015
Type of Item Book
Bibliographic Citation A.F. van Loon, A.J. Henry, van Lanen, L. M. Tallaksen, M. Hanel, M. Fendeková, A. Machlica, G. Sapriza, A. Koutroulis, H.J. Marjolein van Huijgevoort, J. Jódar Bermúdez, H. Hisdal, I. Tsanis, Propagation of drought through the hydrological cycle, 2011.
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This report is an output from Work Block 4 Extremes: frequency, severity and scale, and contributes to Task 4.1.1 Investigate processes controlling the propagation of drought.WATCH deliverables D 4.1.4 Report on the increased understanding of the propagation of drought in different hydro-climatological regions, physical catchment structures and different scales, D 4.1.5 Generic method to quantify the propagation of a drought and contributes to M4.1-7 Analysis of major historical extreme events with metamodel.