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Hydraulic performance of laboratory PRBs for thedecontamination of acidic mine waters

Komnitsas Konstantinos, Bartzas Georgios, Paspaliaris Ioannis

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Year 2005
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation K. Komnitsas, G. Bartzas, I. Paspaliari, "Hydraulic performance of laboratory PRBs for the decontamination of acidic mine waters," in Proceedings of the – 9th International Mine Water Association Congress(IMWA ’05),Sept, pp. 347-354
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In this paper the hydraulic performance of laboratory-scale PRB treatment systems, using red mud and fly ash isstudied. Factors such as the hydraulic conductivity of each reactive medium and the residence time required forefficient operation over a long period of time, the quality of the leachates, the loss of reactivity and porosity overtime and the main removal mechanisms are taken into account and discussed. Geochemical modelling of theprocess and interpretation of the results is attempted by using the speciation/mass transfer computer codePHREEQC and the MINTEQ database. Experimental results provide useful information regarding the long-termefficiency of PRBs, constructed by low cost materials, when used for the clean up of acidic mine waters and theprevention of groundwater contamination.