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Development of an indicator based revegetation SDSS in areas affected bymining activities

Zhu X, D. Li, Komnitsas Konstantinos

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Year 2007
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation Zhu X., D. Li, K. Komnitsas," Development of an indicator based revegetation SDSS in areas affected by mining activities," in Proceedings 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Development Indicators in the Minerals Industry,2007, pp. 267-274
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Establishment and monitoring of revegetation inareas affected by mining activities is quite oftena difficult task. The efficiency of the schemeapplied can be substantially improved by usingsimple adequate indicators so that progress andtrends can be plotted, elucidated and assessedover time. Sustainable revegetation managementindicators should take into account soil qualityand area characteristics, as well as social, economicand political aspects.In the present paper an interactive prototypeSpatial Decision Support System (SDSS) is presented.The system, based on methodologicalstudies, has been designed to identify and interpretindicators that can be used for the evaluationof revegetation efficiency. It provides aplatform for formulating indicators describingbiophysical, socio-cultural and economic processesduring the entire revegetation period. It integratesmodular assessment, database managementsub-systems and Geographical InformationSystem (GIS). It is structured in a way thattakes into account the project environment, soilquality, land characteristics, data acquisitioncontrol, output engines and spatial analysis. Theoutput generates visual quality diagrams and interactiveattribute quality maps that elucidaterevegetation issues