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Organic.mednet: akdeniz ulkeleri’nde organik tarım becerilerinin geliştirilmesi isin bilişim teknolojilerine dayali eğitim tasarımları

Cebeci Ζ., Pappas Nikos, Arapi Polyxeni, Darkan K., Göncü S., Türemiş N.

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Year 2011
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation Ζ. Cebeci, N. Pappas, P. Arapi, K. Darkan, S. Göncü and N. Türemiş, "Organic.Mednet: Akdeniz Ülkeleri’nde Organik Tarım Becerilerinin Geliştirilmesi İçin Bilişim Teknolojilerine Dayalı Eğitim Tasarımları", in AKADEMİK BİLİŞİM 2011 Conference, February 2011.
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Organic.Mednet is a EC-funded LLL LdV Transfer of Innovation Project that aiming to develop skills on organic farming and agroecology in Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece and Spain. In this Project it was also aimed to develop the tools and systems based on information and communication technologies in order to improve the skills and knowledge of organic farming community including farmers, professionals, students and trainers. In this paper the MOLE Platform providing a series of new and advanced ICT technologies in its architecture is introduced in addition to competency-based learning content population and adaptation mechanisms.