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Extending existing e-learning platforms to support automatic conversion of learning content to SCORM

Arapi Polyxeni, Moumoutzis Nektarios, Maragoudakis Ioannis, Christodoulakis Stavros

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Year 2005
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation P. Arapi, N. Moumoutzis, Y. Maragoudakis and S. Christodoulakis, "Extending existing e-Learning platforms to support automatic conversion of learning content to SCORM", in Joint KNOSOS-CHIRON Workshop “e-Learning Solutions–On the Way to Ubiquitous Applications, May 2005, Sandanski, Bulgaria.
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A critical issue in eLearning domain today is the preservation of existing learning material and user groups and learning communities already set up in the context of operational eLearning environments as the eLearing environments are being transformed to support the new interoperability specifications. This issue has tremendous economic impact. In this paper we address this issue in the context of a pre-existing eLearning platforms implemented on top of relational database management systems. The assumed architecture is based on two assumptions: (1) the pre-existing eLearning platform is implemented on top of a relational database management system which is used to store all the relevant information and (2) the model to be supported comes in the form of an XML schema. The prototype implementation refers to web-based eLearning platform (Distant Learning Center) based on a solid pedagogical framework (Virtual University Paradigm). The interoperability model adopted is SCORM 1.2. The proposed approach is based on a multi-tier architecture and makes use of software components that allow for the automatic creation of Package Interchange Files (PIF) that could the be uploaded to any SCORM conformant Learning Management System.