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An overview of the architectural methods used to manage the variableenvironmental influences on buildings in the mediterranean region

Papamanolis Nikolaos

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TitleAn overview of the architectural methods used to manage the variable environmental influences on buildings in the mediterranean regionen
CreatorPapamanolis Nikolaosen
CreatorΠαπαμανωλης Νικολαοςel
Content SummaryMost of the environmental influences on buildings are variable by their very nature. This fact creates a need for diverse solutions in energy and environmental design and construction that can facilitate optimum building performance throughout the changing periods. Such solutions, in order to be successful, should be compatible with the climatic, and more generally environmental, conditions that prevail in the region where they are applied. Solutions that satisfy these requirements can come from a wide variety of fields, ranging from vernacular architecture to applications of smart materials and technologies. This paper presents an overview of conventional design and construction measures and practices for managing the variable environmental influences on buildings in the Mediterranean region. To that end, it identifies the environmental factors whose variable behaviour influences the energy and environmental performance of the buildings that are subject to them, and it also evaluates their impact. The study goes on to describe and evaluate the design and construction choices and practices that are implemented in buildings in the region to manage these influences. The aim of this work is to report on the main characteristics of these methods and investigate any ways in which they might be improved.en
Type of ItemUnreviewed Journal Publicationen
Type of ItemΔημοσίευση σε Περιοδικό χωρίς Κριτέςel
Date of Item2015-11-17-
Date of Publication2014-
Bibliographic CitationN. Papamanolis. (2014). An Overview of the Architectural Methods Used to Manage the Variable Environmental Influences on Buildings in the Mediterranean Region. Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology. [Online]. vol. 3, no 3. Available:

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