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Resource scheduling in enhanced pay-per-view continuous media databases

Garofalakis Minos, Ozden Banu, Silberschatz Avi

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Year 1997
Type of Item Conference Publication
Bibliographic Citation M. Garofalakis, B. Ozden and A. Silberschatz, "Resource scheduling in enhanced pay-per-view continuous media databases", in 23rd VLDB Conference, August 1997, pp. 516-525.
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The enhanced pay-per-view (EPPV) model for providingcontinuous-media-on-demand (CMOD) services associateswith each continuous media clip a display frequencythat depends on the clip’s popularity. The aim is to increasethe number of clients that can be serviced concurrently beyondthe capacity limitations of available resources, whileguaranteeing a constraint on the response time. This isachieved by sharing periodic continuous media streamsamong multiple clients. In this paper, we provide a comprehensivestudy of the resource scheduling problems associatedwith supporting EPPV for continuous media clipswith (possibly) different display rates, frequencies, andlengths. Our main objective is to maximize the amountof disk bandwidth that is effectively scheduled under thegiven data layout and storage constraints. This formulationgives rise to NP-hard combinatorial optimization problemsthat fall within the realm of hard real-time schedulingtheory. Given the intractability of the problems, we proposenovel heuristic solutions with polynomial-time complexity.Preliminary results from an experimental evaluationof the proposed schemes are also presented