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Πρότυπος οδηγός βέλτιστης χωροδιάταξης κάδων και βέλτιστης δρομολόγησης απορριματοφόρων - καταγραφή και ανάλυση στοιχείων σε επίπεδο δημοτικής ενότητας

Siakandari Ifigeneia

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Year 2016
Type of Item Diploma Work
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This thesis deals with either the optimization of waste-bin allocation and the optimal waste-collection route. In fact, it constitutes a case study of the Municipal Community of Kounoupidiana, a region near Chania city. The methodology followed is generalized in order a ‘’Standard Guide of Optimal Bin Allocation and Optimal MSW Collection-Transfer ‘’ to be provided. The Guide is potentially and directly applicable by any interested MSW Management Organization ; notably the Municipal Authorities. The survey results are valid and directly enforceable by the Municipality of Chania and the Intermunicipal Recycling Management Company. The study is divided into two parts for operational reasons.Part A includes data-recording and thorough analysis of MSW generation data (mixed waste and recyclable ones) of the Municipal Community of Kounoupidiana. Briefly, investigation is carried out on :1. administrative features about the Municipality, the population growth and the waste collection applied2. quantity and quality of Municipality’s solid waste (mixed and recyclable )3. the system’s failure regarding the applied MSW collection-transportation4. the upcoming SWM(Solid Waste Management) objectives derived from the LawPart B includes the ‘’step by step methodology of the required procedure ’’. Acknowledge is being provided from the initial step of in situ bin-counting and observation, until the final stage of optimization analysis. The dominant interface part is the one of ArcGIS 10.2.2 (ArcMap 10.2.2 and 10.2.2 ArcCatalog.). B Part briefly states for :1. the in situ waste bin counting process at the land of Municipality 2. optimal bin allocation via GIS 10.2.2 3. optimal routing of waste-collection trucks via GIS10.2.2, Google Earth and Google Map4. alternative(optimal) proposals for MSW collection-transportation using the following criteria :• maximizing the citizens’ comfort when throwing away their garbage • minimizing the non yielding time when MSW collection-transportation carried out by the trucks• minimizing the route distance when MSW collection-transportation carried out

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