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1 E. Iosif, I. Klasinas, G. Athanasopoulou, E. Palogiannidi, S. Georgiladakis, K. Louka and A. Potamianos, "Speech understanding for spoken dialogue systems: from corpus harvesting to grammar rule induction," Comput. Speech Lang., vol. 47, pp. 272-297, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.csl.2017.08.0022019-11-14
2 S. Sotiriadis, N. Bessis, A. Anjum and R. Buyya, "An Inter-Cloud Meta-Scheduling (ICMS) simulation framework: architecture and evaluation," IEEE Trans. Serv. Comput., vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 5-19, Feb. 2018. doi: 10.1109/TSC.2015.23993122019-11-14
3 S. Bekiros, N. Loukeris, N. Matsatsinis and F. Bezzina, "Customer satisfaction prediction in the shipping industry with hybrid meta-heuristic approaches," Comput. Econ., vol. 54, no. 2, pp. 647-667, Aug. 2019. doi: 10.1007/s10614-018-9842-52019-11-14
4 E.G. Carayannis, E. Grigoroudis, D.F.J. Campbell, D. Meissner and D. Stamati, "The ecosystem as helix: an exploratory theory-building study of regional co-opetitive entrepreneurial ecosystems as Quadruple/Quintuple Helix Innovation Models," R&D Manage., vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 148-162, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1111/radm.123002019-11-14
5 I.V. Yentekakis, G. Goula, S. Kampouri, I. Betsi-Argyropoulou, P. Panagiotopoulou, M.J. Taylor, G. Kyriakou and R.M. Lambert, "Ir-Catalysed nitrous oxide (N2O) decomposition: effect of Ir particle size and metal–support interactions," Catal. Lett., vol. 148, no. 1., pp. 341-347, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1007/s10562-017-2233-z2019-11-14
6 E.G. Carayannis, E. Grigoroudis, D.F.J. Campbell, D. Meissner and D. Stamati, "'Mode 3' universities and academic firms: Thinking beyond the box trans-disciplinarity and nonlinear innovation dynamics within coopetitive entrepreneurial ecosystems," Int. J. Technol. Manage., vol. 77, no. 1-3, pp. 145-185, May 2018. doi: 10.1504/IJTM.2018.0917142019-11-14
7 M. Santamouris, G. Ban-Weiss, P. Osmond, R. Paolini, A. Synnefa, C. Cartalis, A. Muscio, M. Zinzi, T.E. Morakinyo, E. Ng, Z. Tan, H. Takebayashi, D. Sailor, P. Crank, H. Taha, A.L. Pisello, F. Rossi, J. Zhang and D. Kolokotsa, "Progress in urban greenery mitigation science – assessment methodologies advanced technologies and impact on cities," J. Civ. Eng. Manag., vol. 24, no. 8, pp. 638-671, Nov. 2018. doi: 10.3846/jcem.2018.66042019-11-14
8 M. Lykaki, E. Papista, S.A.C. Carabineiro, P.B. Tavares and M. Konsolakis, "Optimization of N2O decomposition activity of CuO-CeO2 mixed oxides by means of synthesis procedure and alkali (Cs) promotion," Catal. Sci. Technol., vol. 8, no. 9, pp. 2312-2322, May 2018. doi: 10.1039/C8CY00316e2019-11-13
9 G. Giakos, W. Yang, M. Zervakis and L. Xu, "Special section on imaging systems and techniques 2016," Meas. Sci. Technol., vol. 29, no. 5, Apr. 2018. doi: 10.1088/1361-6501/aa8c1b2019-11-13
10 A.C. Reina, A.B. Martínez-Piernas, Y. Bertakis, C. Brebou, N.P. Xekoukoulotakis, A. Agüera and J.A. Sánchez Pérez, "Photochemical degradation of the carbapenem antibiotics imipenem and meropenem in aqueous solutions under solar radiation," Water Res., vol. 128, pp. 61-70, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2017.10.0472019-11-13
11 E. Syranidou, S. Thijs, M. Avramidou, N. Weyens, D. Venieri, I. Pintelon, J. Vangronsveld and N. Kalogerakis, "Responses of the endophytic bacterial communities of juncus acutus to pollution with metals, emerging organic pollutants and to bioaugmentation with indigenous strains," Front. Plant Sci., vol. 871, 2018. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01526 2019-11-07
12 K. Douzis, S. Sotiriadis, E.G.M. Petrakis and C. Amza, "Modular and generic IoT management on the cloud," Future Gener. Comput. Syst., vol. 78, pt. 1, pp. 369-378, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.future.2016.05.0412019-10-21
13 I. Papamichail, N. Bekiaris-Liberis, A. I. Delis, D. Manolis, K.-S. Mountakis, I. K. Nikolos, C. Roncoli and M. Papageorgiou, "Motorway traffic flow modelling, estimation and control with vehicle automation and communication systems," Annu. Rev. Control, in press, 2019. doi: 10.1016/j.arcontrol.2019.09.0022019-10-21
14 S. Papadopoulou, C. Roncoli, N. Bekiaris-Liberis, I. Papamichail and M. Papageorgiou, "Microscopic simulation-based validation of a per-lane traffic state estimation scheme for highways with connected vehicles," Transp. Res. Part C Emerg. Technol., vol. 86, pp. 441-452, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.trc.2017.11.0122019-10-18
15 E. Kaselouris, V. Dimitriou, I. Fitilis, A. Skoulakis, G. Koundourakis, E.L. Clark, J. Chatzakis, M. Bakarezos, I.K. Nikolos, N.A. Papadogiannis and M. Tatarakis, "Preliminary investigation on the use of low current pulsed power Z-pinch plasma devices for the study of early stage plasma instabilities," Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, vol. 60, no. 1, Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1088/1361-6587/aa8ab02019-10-18
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