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Δημιουργία άτλαντα ανανεώσιμων πηγών ενέργειας στη Δυτική Κρήτη με χρήση Γεωγρραφικών Συστημάτων Πληροφοριών

Kalogirou Andromachi

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Year 2017
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Ανδρομάχη Καλογήρου, "Δημιουργία άτλαντα ανανεώσιμων πηγών ενέργειας στη Δυτική Κρήτη με χρήση Γεωγρραφικών Συστημάτων Πληροφοριών", Διπλωματική Εργασία, Σχολή Μηχανικών Περιβάλλοντος, Πολυτεχνείο Κρήτης, Χανιά, Ελλάς, 2017
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This thesis’s aim is to create an Atlas for Chania and Rethymno ’s Prefectures, which will spatially depict all Renewable Energy Sources ‘s stations of the study area. In particular, all types of energy that are produced by Renewable Sources in both prefectures of interest, as well as the permits granted or pending for these stations, have been investigated.The cartographic process is the only way of expressing the relation between man and spatial data. A map is a tool, with various types of information can be gathered and examined by mapping the area and analyzing it by the cartographer based on relevant data.Two of the world’s main problems, today, are the gradual reduction of conventional energy sources and the increase in environmental pollution from their use. Renewable Energy Sources are probably the most important way to solve these two crucial environmental problems. By the end of this paper, an attempt will be completed to spatially illustrate the contribution of the regions of Chania and Rethymno in the production of green energy.The content of this Atlas can be used as a database or a tool of analysis in future energy studies.Keywords: Mapping, Atlas, Prefecture of Chania, Prefecture of Rethymnon, Renewable Energy Sources, Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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