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A fiducial reference site for satellite altimetry in Crete, Greece

Mertikas Stelios, Donlon, Craig J, Mavrokordatos Constantin, Bojkov Bojan R., Féménias Pierre, Parrinello Tommaso, Picot Nicolas, Desjonquères Jean Damien, Andersen Ole Baltazar

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Year 2016
Type of Item Conference Full Paper
Bibliographic Citation S. Mertikas, C. Donlon, C. Mavrokordatos, B. Bojkov, P. Femenias, T. Parrinello, N. Picot, J.-D. Desjonqueres and O.B. Andersen, "A fiducial reference site for satellite altimetry in Crete, Greece," in ESA Living Planet Symposium, 2016.
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With the advent of diverse satellite altimeters and variant measuring techniques, it has become mature in the scientific community, that an absolute reference Cal/Val site is regularly maintained to define, monitor, control the responses of any altimetric system. This work sets the ground for the establishment of a Fiducial Reference Site for ESA satellite altimetry in Gavdos and West Crete, Greece. It will consistently and reliably determine (a) absolute altimeter biases and their drifts; (b) relative bias among diverse missions; but also (c) continuously and independently connect different missions, on a common and reliable reference and also to SI-traceable measurements. Results from this fiducial reference site will be based on historic Cal/Val site measurement records, and will be the yardstick for building up capacity for monitoring climate change. This will be achieved by defining and assessing any satellite altimeter measurements to known, controlled and absolute reference signals with different techniques, processes and instrumentation.