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Analysis of dispersion of particle transport in two-dimensional porous media by the method of moments

Pamfilis Georgios

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Year 2018
Type of Item Diploma Work
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In this study, we investigated numerically the transport of colloids in a two-dimensional model porous medium, using the commercial Multiphysics program COMSOL®. Initially, by using the “Computational Fluid Dynamics module” (CFD module) we computed the steady-state velocity field within a pre-specified porous medium. After 2000 particles with known diameter and density were released within the porous medium, as a uniform distributed inlet source, the “Particle Tracing for Fluid flow module” was employed in order to follow the migration of each individual particle within the porous medium. Subsequently, the temporal and spatial moments of the dispersed colloids within the two-dimensional porous medium where computed. This procedure was repeated several times by releasing colloid particles with various particle diameters. Finally, correlation describing the dependency of colloid particle-size to dispersivity was determined.

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