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Surface charge properties of clays with emphasis on smectites

Christidis Georgios

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Extent4 pagesen
TitleSurface charge properties of clays with emphasis on smectitesen
CreatorChristidis Georgiosen
CreatorΧρηστιδης Γεωργιοςel
PublisherIMEKO-International Measurement Federation Secretariaten
Content SummarySmectitic clays display remarkable properties when dispersed in water due to their surface charge. This charge stems from various substitutions in their crystal structure both in tetrahedral and octahedral sites, which yield layer charge. Although the layer charge has been linked to several water-rock properties of smectitic clays namely cation exchange capacity, swelling and viscosity, it is a microscopic property referring to the unit cell i.e. at atomic level. In contrast smectite-water properties are macroscopic and refer to smectite particles. Therefore recently we introduced the term of fundamental particle charge (fpc) which pertains to the smectite particles rather than the unic cell. The Fpc is a macroscopic property which is useful in understanding the behaviour of smectite-water systems and interpreting smectite-water properties. In addition the fpc approach might be useful in soil stabilization, because it can assist in predicting failures.en
Type of ItemΣύντομη Δημοσίευση σε Συνέδριοel
Type of ItemConference Short Paperen
Date of Item2018-10-30-
Date of Publication2016-
Bibliographic CitationG.E. Christidis, "Surface charge properties of clays with emphasis on smectites," in 1st IMEKO TC4 International Workshop on Metrology for Geotechnics, 2016, pp. 12-15.en