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Operation and sensitivity analysis of a Linear Fresnel collector combined with thermal storage

Tsitsimpakos Nikolaos

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Year 2019
Type of Item Diploma Work
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The objective of the present thesis is the sensitivity analysis of a Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) system, which is one of the concentrated solar power technologies. The goal of this analysis is to determine the extent at which different parameters affect the thermal energy output and the temperatures of the system. Moreover, the performance of this system in different climate classes will be examined, in order for its viability in such climates to be assessed.The model being used was constructed in the Simulation Studio of the TRNSYS (Transient Systems Simulation Tool). This model simulates the entire LFR system, which is installed at the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia.For the sensitivity analysis to be performed, the effect that the area of the reflector, the volume of the thermal storage tank, the size of the pipes and the heat transfer fluid itself had on the thermal energy output and the temperatures was examined.For the capacity of the system to perform in different climates to be assessed, weather files containing weather data for Chania, Munich, Stockholm and Porto were inserted in the model. All the above mentioned cities belong to different climate classes according to the Köppen climate classification. The results are then compared to annual thermal energy needs data for these cities, so as to deduce whether installing an LFR system there would be beneficial.

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