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The treatment of edible precessing of olives by the geochemical method of active sediments. The case of Alpha Messinia A.E’

Panousaki Georgia

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Year 2018
Type of Item Master Thesis
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The reasons that prompted me to choose this particular issue were the search for solutions to the chronic and insoluble problem of wastewater management from the processing of edible olives in the Prefecture of Messinia. The quantities of liquid waste produced both during the production process of the desertification of the edible olives and during the maintenance and packaging of each olive oil period, together with their characteristics (high concentration of phenolic compounds and organic load) make the liquid waste toxic. Thus, wastewater treatment with treatment units is required before the final recipient.In Greece Zeologic has been established and operates with the innovative methods of wastewater treatment, mainly liquid, we have studied and propose a plan for the installation of a wastewater treatment plant at Alpha Messinia.According to Zeologic's standard geochemical method, the treated effluent is high quality water which can be reused and disposed of natural recipients without further treatment. Lastly, the specific solution given is indispensable for the Alfa Messinias plant for both cost-effective and economical reasons.

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