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SceneWizard: a Unity API for embodied interactive projection mapping for real-time performances

Georgakopoulou Artemis

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Year 2019
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Artemis Georgakopoulou, "SceneWizard: a Unity API for embodied interactive projection mapping for real-time performances", Diploma Work, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2019
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In this thesis we present an Interface in Unity for Interactive Projection Mapping named Scene Wizard, using the Kinect Depth Sensor. The main idea is to create a link between Unity3D, Kinect and a Video Mapping Software (Projection Mapping Software), so that Projection Mapping artists and designers can include interactions with projected, computer-generated visual effects within each Projection Mapping project they want to perform. The project could work also as a Software Development Kit for Unity, which provides tools that assist in developing Kinect applications and Interactive Projection Mapping Installations. In addition to that, we provide a Database of Gestures that are pre-trained and ready-to-use, as well as tools that ease the Projection Mapping set-up process. SceneWizard is an Assistance Library for Unity, which purpose is to facilitate the process of creating and presenting Interactive Projection Mapping performances. Using SceneWizard, the user can easily recreate the real scene into Unity’s virtual environment, simply by creating and aligning the projection’s components (surfaces and projector), with respect to the geometric relationship between them. The user also has the possibility to create various versions of a specific scene and present a variety of visuals, as means of storytelling performance. Additionally, the user can automatically associate the surfaces with pre-composed visual effects, created and rendered in the Video Mapping Software of his/her choice. Furthermore, the user has the possibility to correlate each surface he/she desires with a corresponding gesture, provided from the Custom gesture Database we designed for our tool. Finally, using Kinect Depth Sensor, the user can perform an Interactive projection Mapping Show, with SceneWizard’s capabilities of: iterating through the created scenes, resetting the initial state of each scene’s surfaces, so he/she can perform the gestures of a scene version more than once and saving the performance settings as stand-alone asset files, which are transferable data in any Unity project.

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