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Reuse / Reconstruction of the Italian barracks as a new Municipal Library in Chania.

Lagou Anna-Maria

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Year 2021
Type of Item Master Thesis
Bibliographic Citation Anna-Maria Lagou, "Reuse / Reconstruction of the Italian barracks as a new Municipal Library in Chania.", Master Thesis, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2021
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The object of this dissertation is the reconstruction and reuse of the historic building of the War Museum - former Italian barracks, as a new Municipal Library in the center of the city of Chania. The building has suffered significant damage as a result of fire and only part of its shell survives to this day.The aim of the work is to make a complete proposal for the reconstruction of the building with the ability to carry the balance, in the presence of existing and new. Thus, through the design, the building will be able to acquire new functionality through which its historicity will be highlighted.For this reason, in addition to the integration of the new use in the building and its historic built environment, the existing condition of its masonry was studied, after field and bibliographic research, taking into account the structural damage that the structure may have suffered.This is essentially a case study based on the interdisciplinarity of the branches of this postgraduate program with the aim of highlighting a study methodology that leads to the selection of more correct options and a single design solution in the reconstruction and reuse of the building.

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