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Time management and costing of sewage network in the area of Anoixi, Attica with PERT and CPM method

Gioni Gabriela

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Year 2021
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Gabriela Gioni, "Time management and costing of sewage network in the area of Anoixi, Attica with PERT and CPM method", Diploma Work, School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2021
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The subject of this dissertation is the management and time planning of a sewerage construction project. At first, references are made to the basic concepts of a plumbing project of a sewage system as well as a presentation of the most important points of the Sewerage Regulation and the Special Regulation. At this part, it is also analyzed the importance of the participation of the Environmental Engineer in the construction project for the protection of the environment. Then, the concept of Project Management is analyzed, and its main concepts and rules of analysis are listed. After that, the network analysis follows with its two most important methods, CPM and PERT. These techniques are presented as methodologies, then the time planning of the tasks that make up the project in question is applied , first considering the completion times of the individual activities (CPM) and then in conditions of uncertainty (PERT).. More specifically, the under study project is consisted of 29 sub-works, which are grouped into three (3) categories, the organization and the construction site, the construction of an internal sewage network and the construction of the connection of the sewage system with the passing properties. According to the contract signed by the Contractor of the project and the Contracting Authority, the cost of the specific project is 600.000,00€. The deadline for the execution of the project is six (6) months. Bases on calculations, the minimum duration of the project was determined at 20.5 weeks. After discussions with the Contractor of the project, the necessary information was given for optimistic and pessimistic times of completion of the individual sub-works. The probability of exceeding the expected completion of the project by one (1) week, was estimated at 6.7%, which means that the probability of exceeding the six months deadline is practically zero. Reasons that contribute to any delays are the additional work that may occur during the execution of the project due to obvious omissions or errors of the design and construction requirements, which become necessary for the perfection and functionality of the project. The planning of the various works should be such as to reduce any delay that may be due to damage from natural phenomena ( flood, rain, etc.) , delays in receiving materials or issuing permits, or even procedural issues with the department of archeology. The detailed costing of the project showed that the total cost is 522.733,00€ and the financing needs are distributed as follows: the first half of the project, ie the first quarter, needs to be disbursed 38.4% of the total cost, ie the amount of 200.397€, and the remaining 61.66%, ie the amount of 322.336€ for the next 2.5 months. The dissertation is completed with the use of MS Project 2016 software for time scheduling supported by specialized software and for the calculation of the total cost of the project. Finally, the results and conclusions are presented.

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