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Sustainable noise management in the coastal road of Rethymnon

Kyriakakis Petros

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Year 2022
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Petros Kyriakakis, "Sustainable noise management in the coastal road of Rethymnon", Diploma Work, School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2022
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Environmental noise is a serious risk to human health at both high and low levels in urban centers.In this dissertation was studied the traffic and urban noise produced in a certain number of days on the coastal road of the city of Rethymno. Measurements were taken both in everyday life and during popular events, in order to draw a conclusion from the correlation between them. These events were also correlated with the caused noise pollution and the general impact on the lives of citizens. After selecting the points of interest, a cyclical process was followed in the collection of data at specific times during the day.Through the processing of the results, it is concluded that the events that took place in the city caused an obvious increase in the noise levels. Exposure of citizens to these high levels and especially for a long time is capable of creating serious health problems. So noise may not seem to be the most life-threatening form of pollution, but that does not mean it does not need to be vigilant. Reducing noise levels is an important goal for many countries, as it is a worldwide problem. By solving this problem, there will be prosperity in society and the daily life of citizens. However, the importance of each individual contribution must be understood, as awareness and a sense of individual responsibility can be a driving force for tackling this problem radically.

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