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A platform for health record management of the conscripts in the Hellenic Navy

Giannakopoulou Olympia, Toumpaniaris Petros, Kouris Ioannis, Moirogiorgou Konstantia, Karanasiou Nansy, Aisopou Vasiliki, Matsopoulos, George K, Chandrinou Ageliki, Anousakis-Vlachochristou Nikolaos, Psarros Fotis, Syrigas Pantelis, Karalidou Vasiliki, Costaridis Nikolaos, Zervakis Michail, Koutsouris, Dionysios-Dimitrios

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Year 2021
Type of Item Book Chapter
Bibliographic Citation O. Giannakopoulou, P. Toumpaniaris, I. Kouris, K. Moirogiorgou, N. Karanasiou, V. Aisopou, G. Matsopoulos, A. Chandrinou, N. Anousakis-Vlachochristou, F. Psarros, P. Syrigas, V. Karalidou, N. Costaridis, M. Zervakis, and D. Koutsouris, "A platform for health record management of the conscripts in the Hellenic Navy," in Public Health and Informatics, vol. 281, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, J. Mantas, L. Stoicu-Tivadar, C. Chronaki, A. Hasman, P. Weber, P. Gallos, M. Crişan-Vida, E. Zoulias,
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eMass project aims to digitalize the medical examination procedure of recruitment phase of conscripts in the Hellenic Navy. eMass integrates recruits’ Electronic Health Record (EHR), while allows a pre-screening test, through portable telemedicine equipment. The data will be exploited to assess the individual’s cardiovascular risk through appropriate digital tools and algorithms. The eMass digital platform, will be accessible to health experts involved in the recruitment procedure for further assessment and processing. Recruits’ personal data is stored in the database encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). eMass solution contributes to beneficial management and medical data analysis, preventing inessential physical or medical examinations minimizing danger of possible errors and reducing time-consuming processes. Moreover, eMass exploits Electronic Health Record data through a machine-learning based cardiovascular risk assessment tool.

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